Innovation in times of adversity.

A lot of lemons are getting handed out in 2020. Rochford is working hard to turn as many of them as we can into lemonade.

Like so many other businesses around the world facing a precarious situation in the wake of COVID-19, Rochford is adapting to meet the new challenges as fast as we can. We find it truly inspiring, hearing the stories of how companies and people alike are innovating as quickly as possible. It is remarkable what we are all capable of when we set our mind to something.

And so…. We are evolving. We will still be here on the other-side. Find out more about how we are innovating in these adverse times. Thank-you for your support.

What we are doing differently

Fresh produce from the Rochford Grocer delivered to your door.

From boutique wine tastings to unique grocery and home delivery service, Rochford is now selling fresh produce like meat, fruit and vegetables, cheese and deli items as well as dry goods like pasta, flour, rice and toilet paper. Not only does this initiative keep staff in jobs and offer a vital service to the local community, but it also helps to keep our suppliers in business.

Along side this, our grocery store is offering contactless HOME DELIVERY of grocery items around the Melbourne Metro and Yarra Valley areas. Not only will we deliver the food, but it will be a Rochford team member who delivers the items. It’s a way we can help look after the vulnerable in our community, as well as keep a team member on the payroll.

Visit our ONLINE GROCERY SHOP NOW, or call us on (03) 5957 3333 to find out more.

The same delicious meals, picked up or delivered

You can now take home all your favourite 400 Gradi Yarra Valley pizzas, pastas and sides as well as some chef selection sharing mains made with the freshest autumn produce. You may not be able to sit on our deck, or have a view of the vineyard, but you can definitely enjoy a little bit of the Yarra Valley in the comfort of your own home.

Not only can you have the food ready cooked, but we can also deliver a selection of our dishes cold, so you can fill your home with the delicious smell of authentic, chef inspired meals, as you bake the items fresh for your family to enjoy.

Oh, we also deliver wine…. Ask our team to match a bottle or two of Rochford’s extensive range to your meal. Check out our TAKEAWAY AND DELIVERY MENU

Call us on (03) 5957 3333 to find out more.

Amazing wine specials every day.

Unlike many places who are limiting the supply of wine due to increasing demand, Rochford has plenty of wine to go around. Order your supplies directly from the winery and the Rochford army will deliver it personally if you are Melbourne or Yarra Valley based. Even Helmut, the owner and CEO of Rochford, has been loading up his dual cab and making the rounds.

Grab yourself a case of wine and wave through the window to the Rochford team member who delivers it to your home.


Call us on (03) 5957 3333 to find out more.

Virtual Venue Inspections

Its hard to contemplate a time when things will be back to normal, but don’t let the distance stop you from planning the perfect ‘on the other side’ event. The Rochford events team is ready and waiting to take you on a virtual tour of our venue so you can see the dedicated events spaces we have available.

Available via virtual tour:

  • Wedding planning
  • End of year functions
  • Corporate conferences

Talk to our events team today on (03) 5957 3333 or email to book your virtual tour today.

What had to change

Well, there are some obvious ones here.

  1. Cellar Door wine tastings and restaurant dining at Rochford is suspended for the time being. Trust us, the doors will be flung open as soon as is it safe to do so. We can’t wait to see all your faces again.
  2. The last two concerts of our 19/20 season were moved to new dates.
  • Wine Machine 2020 has been rescheduled to October 31st
  • The Big 90’s Party has been rescheduled to October 24th

Tickets for these concerts are still on sale for the new dates…. we are betting you will want to leave the house by then!

Check out the CONCERT PAGE or call us on (03) 5957 3333 for more information.

Staying Connected

Being stuck at home can be very monotonous but social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. Rochford’s team is creating new content constantly for our social channels, including INSTAGRAM TV. You can catch all the action from the winemaking team, virtual tasting videos, behind the scenes antics and all the Rochford Grocer updates by tuning into @rochfordwines via Facebook or Instagram.

Rochford’s 2020 Focus.

  1. To look after our team.
    Ensure as many of our staff as possible retain their employment. Offer as much emotional support as we can to the people who make us great. Re-skill our staff to meet the new demands and support working from home models wherever possible.
  2. To look after our community
    Help to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our community. Provide contactless wine and food delivery to those self-isolating as well as securing access to as many difficult to obtain items like toilet paper and sanitizer as possible.
  3. To stay positive and spread the love
    Being kind is free. We are lucky and thankful to be a part of a community who is spreading such joyous messages of solidarity and support, who values innovation in times of adversity. We will pay it forward.